Tylovis EP 28

Tylovis® EP 28 is a dispersing and wetting surfactant for cement, lime and gypsum based plasters, renders, mortars and trowelling compounds. It also has a some slight air-entraining properties. Tylovis® EP 28 improves workability, smoothness, plasticity and trowelling as well as levelling behaviour of mortars and plasters. Fine particles of inorganic binders and pigments are much better dispersed throughout mixtures by addition of Tylovis® EP 28.

It is highly recommended for gypsum based plasters as it reduces the stickiness of the first levelling and extends working time especially during the final stage.


Tylovis® EP 28 is compatible with Tylose® MC and HEC grades as well as anionic and non-ionic surfactants. The recommended concentration should be 0.01 – 0.05 % by weight, calculated on the dry mixed mortar