Cellulose derivative for enteric coating

HPMCP (hypromellose phthalate USP/NF, JP, EP)
HPMCP is a monophthalic acid ester of hypromellose

Since the introduction of HPMCP (hypromellose phthalate USP/NF, JP, EP) in 1971, it has proved its value in enteric coating using organic solvent. The chemical structure of HPMCP is a monophthalic acid ester of hypromellose.

The threshold pH value for rapid disintegration of HPMCP can be controlled by varying the phthalyl content. Two types of HPMCP with different in pH-solubilities, HP-55 and HP-50, are available. Moreover, HP-55S, a special type of HP-55, which is distinguished by its higher molecular weight, greater film strength and higher acid resistance properties, has also been introduced. A suitable grade of HPMCP for a particular purpose should be selected in accordance with each preparation.

HPMCP grades

GradesDescriptionRegulatoryOriginKnowledge Base
All GradesDifferent grades, opening >pH 5.0 - 5.5NF, EP, JPJapan Select
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Grades and applications

Tablets & Pellets
Taste Masking
Enteric/delayed release coating (solvent)
Amorphous Solid Dispersion
Solvent free methods (HME)
solvent methods
All Grades

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